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Mark Phillips
Created 25 Mar 2021
A weekly newsletter about volatility, advisory, and the markets

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When Bridges Burn
15 Dec 2022 1
The Do Lung Bridge burns over and over again. It represents distortion and chaos in the endless fog of war. Futility that rages on, purposelessly. When I last wrote about bridges, the cinematic refere...
Accidentally Laundered
08 Dec 2022 1
Not many people do the laundry by accident. I’ve left more wool items in a hot dryer than I’m willing to admit, but I’ve never put a load in during a blind fit of propriety. Cleaning up is fighting ba...
Through the Liquidity Glass
30 Nov 2022
“We make it up on volume” - First Citiwide Change Bank No matter what business you’re in, doing more of a thing that makes you money, makes you more money. MoreVolume x MoneyThing = MoreMoney. Call it...
The Inverse Turducken
23 Nov 2022 1
Thanksgiving is a time to get together with friends and family, and celebrate the people and things for which we are grateful. Even if the food is mediocre (don’t @ me, I’d rather be eating steak in r...
Data Off The Cable
18 Nov 2022 2
Data is the lifeblood of markets. At the most basic level, a market is nothing more than the most up to date information about the best price someone is willing to buy for and the lowest price someone...

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