The Uncertain Solicitor

The Uncertain Solicitor
Authenticity in complexity
Created 19 May 2021
  • A heartfelt plea to Big Legal Cheeses
    27 Dec 2021 2 0
    Dear Managing Partners As you draw breath in the hiatus between one frenetic year and another, please pause to reflect on the power at your disposal in these pivotal days. I don’t doubt how challengin...
  • Lawyered Emissions: an appropriate response to Glasgow
    17 Nov 2021 0 1
    As the last of the lanyards and empty cans of Irn Bru are recycled in Glasgow, the main message from COP26 remains that reflected by the simple, yet oh-so stark formula: 45% @ ’30 → 1.5° After all the...
  • How Soon Is Now?
    31 Oct 2021 3 0
    As COP26 opens in Glasgow, I want to acknowledge the woolly mammoth in the room. Over the last year, I have listened to and read countless business leaders, investors and politicians talking about the...
  • Law and Peace
    11 Aug 2021 2 1
    Extreme weather events are afflicting every continent, the extraordinary now commonplace even down to the regularity with which records are broken. The best global scientific expertise available speak...
  • The Uncertain Solicitor on ... the Law Society's role
    11 Jul 2021 1 0
    We are moving swiftly towards a world – here in the UK (it already exists elsewhere) - of regular power outages affecting our ability to work, travel, communicate and maintain liveable indoor temperat...
  • The Uncertain Solicitor on ... the Solicitor's Role
    02 Jul 2021 0 1
    If you read my Unreality Check post, you will know I believe we will not be going back to normality (as currently imagined). Normality is now an ocean of crises, breaking upon us in waves. As lawyers,...
  • The Uncertain Solicitor on ... an unreality check
    27 Jun 2021 1 2
    This is intended as a reference point for explorations in related posts, as I describe the situation we find ourselves in. It may seem familiar territory for many readers, but that is the point. We ha...
  • The Uncertain Solicitor on ... Responsible Business
    18 Jun 2021 0 2
    There has been no shortage of eminent individuals (Fink, Carney) and austere institutions (World Economic Forum, British Academy) telling us lately that businesses need to behave more responsibly. Wha...
  • The Uncertain Solicitor on ... Interdependence
    11 Jun 2021 1 0
    Interdependence is ‘having a moment’, in public perception terms at least, although this is a strange way to look at a fundamental characteristic of life. The pandemic has had something to do with it,...
  • The Uncertain Solicitor on ... A Legal Leadership Vacuum
    31 May 2021 1 1
    It was a thrilling week last week. Across the globe, there was evidence of potentially game-changing shifts in attitude towards the climate crisis in court rooms, in annual general meetings, and in ne...
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