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Some personal news
19 Jul 2022 39 5
I’ve joined the staff of the Minnesota Reformer. They’re a fantastic independent non-profit news outlet based in the Twin Cities, and they’ve been looking to expand their coverage into the rural parts...
Minnesota legalizes marijuana edibles
01 Jul 2022 16 2
(Getty Images) Starting today, Minnesotans can legally purchase edible products containing up to 5 milligrams of THC per serving. To my knowledge that makes Minnesota the only state in the union to le...
22 Jun 2022 9 1
A drought-damaged marina at Lake Mead National Recreation Area (Getty Images) Last month the water level in Lake Mead fell below 1,050 feet for the first time since the completion of the Hoover Dam in...
Map: How much air pollution is shortening lives in your community
16 Jun 2022 5
A plume of chemical smoke rises above residential buildings from the Delaware City Refinery April 11, 2022 in New Castle, Delaware. The refinery processes crude oil into transportation fuels and petro...
American Medical Association moves closer to declaring gas stoves a public health risk
15 Jun 2022 5
David Wallace Wells’ rule of thumb: ”Everything we burn, we breathe” (Getty Images) The American Medical Association is preparing to warn doctors and the public that indoor gas cooking stoves are a si...

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