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Rita McGrath
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Created 08 Feb 2021
  • The latest for the Flops File - Zillow Offers
    09 Nov 2021 • 8 min read • 2 0
    It takes a special combination of ingredients to land in my “flops” file. You have to lose your parent company at least $50 million. You probably started out with big ambitious goals, all-at-once fund...
  • Thought Sparks Wrap Up - October 2021
    04 Nov 2021 • 5 min read • 3 0
    Dear colleagues, If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that resilience, imagination and innovation aren’t optional if an organization is to thrive going forward. Labor issues, rapid technologic...
  • 10 Questions to Ask Before You Believe in a Business Model
    02 Nov 2021 • 8 min read • 3 0
    Some business models are inherently more attractive than others, yet investors and other stakeholders often don’t ask the obvious questions. Here’s a checklist that makes sure you are not one of them....
  • Can you hear me now? A “Seeing Around Corners” early warning materializes
    26 Oct 2021 • 6 min read • 2 0
    When a sector has hostages, not customers, big problems go un-addressed, people are desperate for help and don’t get it, and a near-monopoly provider community fails to listen, the stage is set for a ...
  • Ecosystem Maturity and the Stepping-Stone Strategy
    19 Oct 2021 • 9 min read • 5 0
    Introducing a new offering into an unripe ecosystem will doom your new venture. Instead, find a mini-ecosystem in which you can build a solution that works and use it as a steppingstone to reach your ...
  • When HR really does get a seat at the table! Congratulations to Kathleen Hogan on being recognized as the HR Executive of the Year
    12 Oct 2021 • 6 min read • 2 0
    It’s almost a meme among HR professionals – wanting a “seat at the table” while often being relegated to routine problem solving and dealing with the messier sides of humanity. But whoa, when its done...
  • Positioning: Beyond the Statement
    05 Oct 2021 • 6 min read • 6 0
    Developing a positioning statement is often done as a fill-in-the-blank “Mad Libs” exercise. The power of insightful positioning, however, goes right to the heart of how you are creating value, and fo...
  • Thought Sparks Wrap Up - September 2021
    29 Sep 2021 • 7 min read • 5 0
    Hey, everybody! We’re already through September — back to school, back to work, back to thinking about Q4! This monthly wrap-up of my weekly Thought Sparks news pieces will give you a short summary an...
  • The Principles of Learning from Prototypes: 5 Lessons
    28 Sep 2021 • 7 min read • 4 0
    Prototypes are a great way to get customer feedback about elements of your proposed innovation before you have to invest a ton of resources in them. But there is a bit of science to how you draw the l...
  • How a Growth Gap can Sneak Up On You
    21 Sep 2021 • 6 min read • 1 0
    This article was co-developed with Alex van Putten, Partner at Cameron and Associates, and draws from our 2017 article “How to Set More Realistic Growth Targets.” It’s always easy to project rosy grow...
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