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Science vs. Narrative Oh, and wolves, and mushrooms and beavers ...
Created 31 Oct 2020
  • Thought Crime
    23 Mar 2022 6 6
    Let me just show 3 graphs: I sure wish the plots went further than 2009 to 2022 showing the effect of the: MSM Hyped-Hysteria CoVid-1984 Mass Psychosis Fear Pandemic. Now, I’m not saying anything abou...
  • Wasting Energy
    21 Mar 2022 2 0
    If you’re Woke, you of course KNOW that it’s BAD to waste energy. I HATE wasting energy ! Yesterday, the Vernal Equinox, it got up to the 60 oF and the sun was shining! Early in the afternoon my 400% ...
  • Follow-up on the "The Follow-the-Science" Religion II
    19 Feb 2022 4 2
    Let’s first review again the differences between the “Follow-the-Science” Religion (specifically the CoVid-1984 Sect) and Science: Religion: BELIEF in Dogma and proclamations from High Priests and the...
  • Follow-up on the "The Follow-the-Science" Religion I
    16 Feb 2022 7 5
    I wrote about the Dawn of a New Religion, namely the “Follow-the-Science” Religion, over a year ago. Unfortunately, many claiming to “Follow-the-Science” have no conception of what science really is. ...
  • Follow-up on "Real Science being Done"
    14 Feb 2022 6 1
    This is NOT a posting about the MSM Hyped-Hysteria CoVid-1984 Mass Psychosis Fear Pandemic1. It’s just merely an article about Ivermectin, which I find quite interesting: As summarized in ivmmeta.com,...
  • There Ain't any DATA anymore
    29 Jan 2022 9 17
    I’ve lamented this before many times: today, there are NO DATA — especially with regard to CoVid-1984. As a physicist1, this really distresses me — I LOVE putting data into a Spread Sheet and looking ...
  • The Narrative is Crumbling
    26 Jan 2022 7 11
    Read (or jump to) the end, because I saved the Best for Last! I flew in for the “Defeat the Mandates” Rally held Sunday 23 Jan at the Lincoln Memorial in DC. You didn’t see this in the MSM1? It was co...
  • Where I will be tomorrow!
    23 Jan 2022 3 0
    It will be in the 30’s, but no precipitation in the forecast. And I have good clothes! See you there! https://defeatthemandatesdc.com/ Who is Robert Malone Press Release: On The Eve of Washington Marc...
  • People are Dying
    04 Jan 2022 9 18
    So, let me just give you 3 “data” points to think about: The VAERS Early Warning System Alarm has been screaming for at least a year now (see Fig. below) and no one is paying any attention to it. When...
  • I think (hope) the CoVid Narrative is Crumbling
    03 Jan 2022 5 6
    I present 3 videos, which together may be approaching 100 million views, despite being constantly scrubbed from YouTube, Twitter and the MSM. This give me hope: we are approaching the point where more...
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