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Tim Lott
Created 07 Mar 2022
A no-bullshit, non-fluffy guide to writing fiction and memoir. A community of thoughts, discussions, loves, hates and general ephemera about the craft of writing.

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Boot Camp Emerging Writers Club 4
17 Nov 2022 4 3
Ten Shun! We have two submissions to consider this week ( Lo temporarily withdrew hers) - A.L Green’s ‘By Her Lonesome’ and Stephen McDowell’s ‘It All Sticks’ ( see last Tbursday’s post for links). Bo...
Poetry Corner
16 Nov 2022 13 28
Ten Shun! Welcome to the first instalment of Poetry Corner. It’s open to anyone who wants to post here on the comment thread. No need to create a Google Doc, just cut and paste. The poem can be silly ...
Fiction, Autofiction or Memoir.
15 Nov 2022 8 4
Under the Same Stars - Autofiction? Ten shun! Fiction is fiction, autofiction is fiction heavily based on real life, and memoir ( and biography) is ‘reality’ ( or at least highly fact based). Lot of p...
Bonus Post: I was a ( D List) Celebrity and I Got Out of There
14 Nov 2022 16 9
Photo by Michèle Eckert on Unsplash I was recently tempted by my daughters into watching an episode of ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here’ and was astonished at how readily people will utterly degrad...
The Scent of Dried Roses - Chapter Four
13 Nov 2022 2 1
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