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Tom Brevoort
Created 07 Apr 2022
Stuff on the mind of the world-famous comic book non-entity Tom Brevoort

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#43: Weaponized Nostalgia
22 Jan 2023 19 9
Feels like this is a moment of Weaponized Nostalgia, at least as far as mainstream television programming is going. This past week saw the launch of the new Night Court sequel/series as well as the si...
#42: Spoilers
15 Jan 2023 30 11
So I had a little discussion this week with a (reasonable) fan concerning spoilers, and so I thought that the subject is one that’s worth getting into over here a little bit. As a general rule, I don’...
#41: Eight Dollars A Month
08 Jan 2023 22 14
So I had a strange and unexpected thing happen this week. As is typical, I’ve gotten a bunch of new subscribers during the course of the week—and thank you all for being here! But there was also one n...
#40: New Year, Same Drivel
01 Jan 2023 18 13
Welcome to 2023! I’m still writing this from the distant past of 2022, but the New Year is only a few hours away, and it’s entirely likely that I’ll still be posted here typing this when it rolls arou...
#39: I Believe...
25 Dec 2022 27 16
For some of you readers, you’re receiving this on a holiday, Christmas Day. For others, it’s simply Sunday as usual. But either way, I wanted to make certain that there was something new for you to lo...

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