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Created 19 Jan 2021
  • The Cats of Istanbul: Chapter Twenty-Three
    20 Sep 2021 • 15 min read
    On leaving the mayor's office Zeynep felt a sense of intrigue bloom within her chest. She was amused and excited. The humans could speak into her mind. The implications to be understood were so many -...
  • The Cats of Istanbul: Chapter Twenty-Two
    13 Sep 2021 • 5 min read
    'The prophecy was dictated to me two thousand years ago' said Melchior, 'in a city that you now know as Istanbul, but at the time was called Byzantium. On the seventh day of the seventh month, of the ...
  • The Cats of Istanbul: Chapter Twenty-One
    06 Sep 2021 • 10 min read
    It was the most stunning message Longshanks had ever read. From Karendir: "Attack last night on mountain fortress. Two kittens and large black cat called Izmir. Fire in treasure room. Twenty-one guard...
  • The Cats of Istanbul: Chapter Twenty
    30 Aug 2021 • 8 min read
    Returning from the rooftops, Elvan's spirit rose first through a feeling of humiliation, then through shame, before turning into unquenchable anger and a desire for violence. On reaching the gutters h...
  • The Cats of Istanbul: Chapter Nineteen
    23 Aug 2021 • 12 min read
    After the event Fatma could not stop herself from breaking down in tears. Whilst in the cave she had existed within the flow of movement, knowing that a mistake at any time would bring an end to their...
  • The Cats of Istanbul: Author's Note
    23 Aug 2021 • 2 min read
    As the story of the cats of Istanbul began to unfold, I found myself increasingly bound by the plot. As though a fly caught within a web, the strands of secretion, so interesting to behold, somehow be...
  • The Cats of Istanbul: Chapter Eighteen
    16 Aug 2021 • 11 min read
    It is a great part of both the tragedy and the comedy of life, that one's perception of a moment can differ so from its reality. Our limitations as individuals - the extent of our knowledge and the sc...
  • The Cats of Istanbul: Chapter Seventeen
    09 Aug 2021 • 15 min read
    It was that the tunnel smelt of human that so perturbed Zara. She had been feeling anxious anyway, there was still no news of the kittens and Mother Arap had grown unconsolably upset, so much so that ...
  • The Cats of Istanbul: Chapter Sixteen
    02 Aug 2021 • 15 min read
    Zeynep smiled broadly at the sky and gave thanks to the day. Patras, and the Greek mainland with it, was now in sight. She was overwhelmingly pleased at the prospect of visiting this country that she ...
  • The Cats of Istanbul: Chapter Fifteen
    26 Jul 2021 • 12 min read
    Desperate to escape Balthasar, Fatma ran fast up the steps, past the turning into Trabzon, and on to the beginnings of the hills behind the town. It was only when, glancing backwards, she caught sight...
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