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Quick Bites on Business, Tech and the Future of Consumer Culture- served with a side of millennial sarcasm😎

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Wall Street & Weight Loss 🍔
24 Jan 2023 3
This Week’s Partner💡: Nom Nom Calling all dog lovers! 🐶 Nom Nom delivers fresh dog food made with whole ingredients. Made by real vet nutritionists and backed by science to ensure your pets get thei...
The Superbowl for Billionaires 🏈
17 Jan 2023 2
This Week’s Partner💡: Stat Significant Love a good statistic?📈 Is Easter coming earlier? What is the dollar value of a yard in the NFL? Check out Stat Significant- a weekly newsletter featuring data...
Boozing is lucrative🍸
10 Jan 2023 5
This Week’s Partner💡: The Average Joe The Average Joe’s newsletter offers investment advice that’s organized and ready to tackle the markets. Become a better investor via their free 4x-weekly newslet...
2023 Business 🥂
03 Jan 2023 7 2
Hey guys, From trusting us from all points across the globe, we want to take a moment say THANK YOU for supporting us! You helped make it a fabulous year and we are SO SO grateful! 🥰 But.. lets skip ...
Snowstorms & Veganuary ⛄️
27 Dec 2022 5
This Week’s Partner💡: Sesame Care Doctor appointments as low as $19. Find the best price for the highest quality physicians. Get started with Sesame Care Quick Bites: Winter Storm ❄️ : Over 50 deaths...

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