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Created 30 Dec 2020
  • Dealing With The Homeless
    01 Jul 2022
    Also on today’s menu: Easy WOW Trail Extension Derailed Deadly Force Deemed Appropriate Rotary Park alongside the Belknap Mall. (Gail Ober Photo) Gail Ober reports that complaints about drunkenness, o...
  • A Little Russian Salad, Anyone?
    30 Jun 2022
    Also on today’s menu: Trump Expresses Concern About Future Music Suffers But Endures In Russia Ukrainian Censorship Alleged The Russian salad — potato, vegetables, and mayonnaise — was served during t...
  • Nothing To See Here?
    29 Jun 2022
    Also on today’s menu: ‘Claremont III?’ Another Rate Increase (Jabin Botsford-Pool/Getty Images) Many supporters of former president Donald Trump — and even people who did not support him — were viewin...
  • EV Commitment
    28 Jun 2022 0 1
    Also on today’s menu: E-Bikes To The Rescue No-Loan Financial Aid Photo by Stephen Mease on Unsplash The Biden-Harris Administration has announced that the private sector has invested more than $700 m...
  • It Doesn't End
    27 Jun 2022
    This has become an Indian summer — not the unusually warm weather that arrives in the midst of a cold autumn, but a season of renewed interest in the history of indigenous people. First, there was the...
  • Primary In Trouble
    24 Jun 2022
    Also on today’s menu: Support For News Café Court Sides With State On Electric Subsidies The Week In Review New Hampshire's delegation to the Democratic National Committee meeting include, from right:...
  • Ratepayer Assistance
    23 Jun 2022
    Also on today’s menu: Is Gerrymandering Legal? January 6 Committee Receives New Info Governor Chris Sununu announces a plan for electric ratepayer assistance on June 22, flanked by (from left) Energy ...
  • Summer’s Arrival
    22 Jun 2022 1 1
    A family of ducks hugs the shore of the Magalloway River on the first day of summer. (Tom Caldwell Photo) Coming off a long, cool spring, summer arrived with beautiful, sunny skies, and the Great Nort...
  • A Town's Timeline
    21 Jun 2022
    Also on today’s menu: Maine Man Charged In Threats To NH Judge Update On Officer-Involved Shooting Letter From An ‘Unschooler’ This week’s Laker carries my story about the Meredith Historical Society ...
  • Another Police Shooting
    20 Jun 2022
    An investigation is underway into an officer-involved shooting in Manchester. (Jeffrey Hastings Photo) Read more
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