Marc Pelerin
Coming to you straight from South Jersey! I'm a former HS and collegiate runner turned running coach bringing you stories that'll motivate you, tips to improve your running and give you a quick run-down of what's happening in the running world.
Created 26 Apr 2019
  • Chasing Unicorns 🦄
    08 Apr 2022
    The oldest annual marathon and arguably one of the most well-known races on the planet happens to be run every April on Patriot’s Day. This year, I’m very fortunate to have 2 runners currently putting...
  • Should You Be Limping Like That?
    01 Apr 2022
    We’ve all had injuries pop up at the most inopportune time. Hell, there’s never a good time to get injured, so we can clear the air with that. But I’ve been seeing a lot of posts lately of runners who...
  • The Most Important Run You Do All Week
    25 Mar 2022
    When I say “the most important run”, I really don’t mean just one run. The two types of runs that are most important are the long run and the workout(s) you do. Workouts, just like long runs, are what...
  • When's the Race?
    18 Mar 2022
    There is no exact science as to when you should start your racing season, but I believe waiting a few weeks, at a minimum, after your break is a safe bet to when you can start thinking about a race. W...
  • Books For Your Pleasure
    11 Mar 2022
    Finding a good book is hard sometimes. You can obviously go to your local library and pick out some books that might sound good or you can head to a bookstore and purchase a book, but sometimes you're...
  • Time On Your Feet
    04 Mar 2022
    Should you run your runs fast or should you spend more time running at an easier pace? While I typically suggest to my runners that I’d prefer they run slower for longer, I definitely see the appeal o...
  • Take Advantage of the Good Days
    18 Feb 2022
    Not very many days you’ll get in February that are 50 degrees or warmer! We really have to take advantage of those nice days and get in a solid run. These are the kinds of days where you see on the ca...
  • Does Every Run Need to Be Strava-Worthy?
    11 Feb 2022
    I was definitely late to the Strava-game, but after I joined, I kinda liked it. Then I didn’t at all. I wasn’t even “stalking” runners, I was just scrolling and seeing runners who I know aren’t faster...
  • 10 Tips for Off-Season Training
    28 Jan 2022
    When I think of an “off-season” I usually think of winter track. It’s when we had long bus rides and late nights. But since most of us no longer are on the indoor circuit (racing indoors), we should s...
  • Friday 5
    21 Jan 2022
    Happy Friday! Even with the short work week, this week seemed like it took forever. I’m going to do a Friday 5 instead of a “typical” newsletter. 1. Do you like my new top banner? I updated the photos...
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