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Created 21 Jun 2021
  • The Hot Spot
    05 Apr 2022 21 24
    Endless infections in the UK, and the possibility of “immune deficiency critical mass.” Well, looks like it’s almost time to buy presents for the UK “summer wave”s first birthday. Long-time Unglossed ...
  • Another Dose in America
    30 Mar 2022 32 54
    What the FDA’s same-day statements justifying their authorization of 4th doses reveals about the current state of affairs. And so, here we are. source: fda.gov In the media call posted to youtube, Pet...
  • The Austria Omicron Study
    25 Mar 2022 23 33
    After months of natural immunity outperforming injection-based immunity,1 a small Omicron study has generated fodder for the humiliated pro-injection side. But for the unvaccinated, is the news really...
  • Ask a Pretend Biologist - March
    23 Mar 2022 12 35
    A semi-experimental post format, to spice up day 2 of the March Donation Drive! Let’s see if these 9 months of research into immunology, microbiology, and genetics are good for more than just one-way ...
  • March Donation Drive - Now Open
    22 Mar 2022 7 0
    The third Unglossed donation drive is now underway! To contribute, please use my new Ko-Fi page. Ko-fi works with Stripe / Pay-pal / credit, all your favorite speech-suppressing financial vehicles, so...
  • NorCal pregnancy study, etc.
    22 Mar 2022 22 16
    A new, but already outdated study purports to demonstrate that infection with SARS-CoV-2 leads to increased risk of negative outcomes in pregnancy. The actual numbers look reassuring. Not that they wi...
  • Updates to "Omicron Origins" etc.
    18 Mar 2022 14 3
    An update has been made to “Omicron Origins,” which should make the presentation of the whole theory much more impressive. The update is both minor, incomplete, and absurdly delayed, as I meant to hav...
  • Means, etc.
    17 Mar 2022 20 39
    The American Northeast did not partake in the late-summer rise in excess mortality. Is that because there weren’t any unvaccinated infected in that region for hospitals to kill?1 After my first two po...
  • The 60 Day RNA Mystery: Spoiler / Summary
    14 Mar 2022 17 10
    The following summary and concluding remarks are all covered under Spoiler Alert, as they give away the solution to the “mystery” of lingering 60 Day RNA without showing how the mystery, piece by piec...
  • The 60 Day RNA Mystery, Pt 2
    13 Mar 2022 21 31
    Continued from Part 1. Here, the solution of the germinal center RNA mystery is revealed - but only after an even deeper dive into the mystery itself, to familiarize the lay reader with the 100 differ...
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