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Vicki Boykis
A newsletter about making tech less sexy, more boring, and anything adjacent to tech that the mainstream media isn't covering.
Created 20 May 2019
  • Duo, the Push, and the Bandits
    23 May 2022 25 2
    The Little Owl, Albrecht Durer 1508 Some people say that Duo, the light-green mascot of Duolingo, an app that helps you learn different languages by prodding you to practice, lives in a tree, much lik...
  • With the Feed as my witness
    20 Mar 2022 46 13
    Pigeons, Maria Primachenko, 1968 Hello friends old and new, it’s been a while. Last year, I stopped writing Normcore Tech, a weekly newsletter about tech and the humanity in tech, because I was going ...
  • Scaling Normcore way down
    11 Jul 2021 31 8
    Goodbye on the Mersey, James Tissot, 1881 Hello friends! As you might have guessed from my four-month absence, I can no longer continue writing Normcore on a regular basis. A confluence of things has ...
  • The luxury of length
    14 Mar 2021 • 1 min read • 17 2
    Hi Friends, It’s been a while since my last post, almost a month, as the dashboard shows. But it’s not like I haven’t been thinking about it.I’ve been meaning to write a good long post for the past mo...
  • The last miles and miles of the vaccine
    11 Feb 2021 7 8
    The Doctor’s Waiting Room, Makovsky, 1870 Hey, your friendly neighborhood COVID CEO here, popping in with the latest news from my board room. Almost five years ago, I wrote about how tech, as an indus...
  • Diamond hands, when memes became power ✋💎🤚
    04 Feb 2021 8 0
    Detail from Mary I by Hans Eworth, 1520 A few months ago, my corner of the internet was completely fixated on Four Seasons Total Landscaping, the small yard services company in my home city of Philade...
  • The blank slate in your hands
    27 Jan 2021 4 0
    A couple of housekeeping things: I’ve been pretty busy lately! I gave a keynote at RStudio’s 2021 Conference. You can find all the slides here and it’ll be up on RStudio shortly! Vicki Boykis @vboykis...
  • Containerized
    13 Jan 2021 14 2
    Vanity Box, Kasimir Malevich Happy New Year, Normcore Readers! Here’s to a happier, and most important, healthier 2021. “That’s it”, my husband said, as I unpacked a box of kipple from Amazon, to reve...
  • A winter's tale for the end of the year
    22 Dec 2020 15 1
    Winter Forest, Ivan Shishkin Some time ago, on a dark snowy winter’s night, in a land far from here, four Councilors to the Emperor stood together huddled in the cold at the foot of an immense mountai...
  • My Hero's Journey to Peloton
    17 Dec 2020 17 1
    Le cirque: Acrobate à la bicyclette, Bernard Buffet 1955 Early last year, the face of an extremely terrified woman looked at me through the small window of the YouTube app on my phone. “Help me,” she ...
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