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Abby Gardner
A space for the pop culture obsessed and the people who love them.
Created 23 Feb 2020
  • Release the Wiggle
    01 Jul 2022 2 0
    Hello friends. How’s everyone doing? Like what level of terrible are you at today? Hopefully not totally in the dumps, though it’s hard when the Supreme Court found a new way to try to actively kill w...
  • Unhinged and On Brand
    24 Jun 2022 2 5
    Hello friends! I am back stateside and, frankly, not that psyched about it. I, like many of you, am gutted and devastated. Knowing what was going to happen with Roe didn’t stop me from being brought t...
  • Spinning Out Waiting for You
    10 Jun 2022 2 2
    Cheerio, mates! JK, I promise I wasn’t one of those people who studied abroad and came home with an Australian “accent”—but my god, weren’t those people the worst? I am, however, extremely excited to ...
  • I'm Your Summer Girl
    03 Jun 2022 1 0
    Happy Friday, my friends! I really don’t think I ever want to work full time in an office again in my life, but I sure did love a Summer Friday in the city—whether you were heading out east or just bo...
  • I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends
    27 May 2022 1 0
    Hi friends. And you are all my friends. Really and truly. I’m so grateful for you. How are you doing during this terrible week? I hope you are taking care of yourselves however you need to. It’s been ...
  • Welcome to Harry's House
    22 May 2022 1 0
    Hi. We made it. After all the coded tweets and slivers of images behind the door, Harry’s House—the third solo album from Harry Styles aka the British fruit man—has arrived in all its vibe-y glory. An...
  • A Thursday Kind of Love
    19 May 2022
    Why yes, it’s me. On a Thursday. What a surprise and hopefully a nice lil one for your afternoon. Seeing as tomorrow I will be an unhinged maniac (well, more so than on an average day) with the releas...
  • Kutting Kucumbers with Kendall
    13 May 2022 1 0
    Hello friends! I’m back from lovely Los Angeles, where I spent a glorious week hanging out with old and dear friends and pretending like I lived there again. I really need to manifest a multi-city lif...
  • California, Here I Come
    30 Apr 2022
    Y’all, I’m sorry. It was a long, busy week and this newsletter is coming at you late…from a plane heading to Los Angeles this fine Saturday. Do you ever have a day or a week where your creative brain ...
  • To Boyfriends Everywhere...
    22 Apr 2022 3 2
    Happiest of Fridays, my friends. It actually feels like spring around these parts at last and that makes me extremely happy and vaguely more motivated to be productive. There is also so much TV to tak...
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