Year Zero

Wesley Yang
An ongoing inquiry into the ideological fever that overtook the governing and chattering classes of America during the Trump years
Created 24 Jun 2020
  • Ban Politics from Gender Healthcare
    17 Jun 2022 70 28
    Today’s guest post by gender correspondent Lisa Selin Davis, like all of her posts, is an appeal to reason and moderation on a subject that tends not to admit of either. It is addressed toward fellow ...
  • Shep Melnick on The Sixties’ False Dawn (Abridged)
    04 Jun 2022 9 0
    This is an abridged, 20-minute excerpt of the interview with Boston College professor of political science Shep Melnick posted for paid subscribers only. Become a paid subscriber to hear the rest of t...
  • Shep Melnick on The Sixties’ False Dawn
    03 Jun 2022 8 3
    This is the third episode in the Syllabus series, wherein I do a deep dive into a subject with an academic expert. R. Shep Melnick, Thomas P. O’Neill, Jr. Professor of American Politics at Boston Coll...
  • Conversations with Friends
    20 May 2022 20 2
    Early adopters of the Yang Extended Universe as it moves into the audio realm are familiar with my scripted podcast, that you can listen to here on Substack, but I also have another weekly show, condu...
  • The Ethical Quandary of Social Transition
    18 May 2022 97 3
    Today’s guest post by Lisa Selin Davis looks at how the media framed a recently published study of the effects of socially transitioning gender nonconforming youths (“a process that typically involves...
  • The Road to Year Zero #4 - A Dream of Spring
    13 May 2022 16 4
    In today’s episode of The Road to Year Zero we pick up right where we left off in our conversation with Jonathan Chait. At the time of our interview, Chait was working on a piece exploring the current...
  • The Duke Lacrosse Scandal in Retrospect
    10 May 2022 27 25
    Today’s guest post by Geoffrey Shullenberger revisits a crucial episode in the long arc of ideological succession. “The future is already here, just unequally distributed,” is a broadly useful maxim w...
  • The Gender-Affirming House of Cards
    06 May 2022 105 11
    Today’s guest post by Lisa Selin Davis notes that the claims for the efficacy of gender affirming care” for children and adolescents is founded on a grand total of two studies of 70 adolescents treate...
  • Current Events in Year Zero
    05 May 2022 11 5
    "I think it's different because it's fundamentally a sort of liberal Civil War, in which both parties, that is to say, pro-choice activists and pro-life activists, really think of themselves in an act...
  • Among the Thielites
    30 Apr 2022 6 0
    Wesley Yang @wesyang I’ll be talking to @jhensonpogue about his Vanity Fair piece on the New Right tomorrow, Saturday, at 2:35 PM ET / 11:35 AM PT. Among the ThielitesTalking with James Pogue about hi...
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