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Created 05 Dec 2020
  • I Got A Vasectomy, And You Can Too
    04 May 2022 10 6
    Religious extremists haven’t managed to ban male contraception procedures, yet. And since birth control options for women are all pretty terrible, a vasectomy may be the right answer for men who don’t...
  • How To Loan Someone Your Truck
    30 Dec 2021 11 4
    End of an era: I just sold my old 3rd gen 4Runner to my good buddy Matt Talbott. Trying to keep a near 24-year-old truck in good, safe condition when it was rarely getting used just meant spending a w...
  • A Basic Vehicle Recovery Kit You Can Rely On
    01 Dec 2021 6 6
    My friend Paolo asked for recs on a basic recovery kit for his Sprinter van. Figured I’d share that with everyone. Vehicle recovery is the act of getting something stuck, unstuck. As such, it can invo...
  • Give Me Newsletter Topics
    29 Nov 2021 55 69
    The whole point of this little project is to foster community involvement around the topics I write about. So, tell me what and how to write about.
  • A Cyber Monday Sale You Should Really Care About
    29 Nov 2021 5 9
    Like we talked about a couple weeks ago, it’s a big part of my job to help my readers find the highest performing, best value gear out there. I take no money from brands; I work for you. I want to get...
  • Let’s Talk About Ethics In Gear Reviews (Or, How To Be A More Informed Reader)
    22 Oct 2021 21 17
    Believe it or not, but every interaction I have with readers isn’t always a positive one. One of the most frequent ways in which assholes, jealous types, and idiots express frustration when I draw con...
  • Everything You Need To Know About The New Tundra, From One Missing Part
    13 Oct 2021 4 7
    You can read my full, sanitized thoughts about the new Tundra on Outside, and Outdoor Life. But I think I can maybe sum up the whole truck with a very brief description of a single part. It’s not a pa...
  • My Essential Sitka Product Recommendations For Active Hunters On A Budget
    22 Sep 2021 5 12
    Sitka offers the most dialed, cohesive layering systems available anywhere. But, Sitka stuff is also pricey. At the request of one of my friends, here’s my suggestion for an essential cool to cold wea...
  • Subaru Has A Disinformation Problem
    26 Apr 2021 4 16
    Subaru has a pattern of communicating inaccurate, incomplete, or misleading information about its products. In a best case scenario, this fails their customers because it doesn’t allow them to learn h...
  • My Truck Recommendations For Every Driver
    11 Apr 2021 20 40
    Sometimes it seems like everyone on the Internet wants me to tell them what car to buy. So, for once and for all, here are those recommendations, all in one place. I’ll break these down by your needs....
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