What Is Called Thinking?

Zohar Atkins
Questions To Stupefy and Inspire
Created 09 Sep 2020
  • What is God?
    05 Jul 2022about 21 hours ago 6 1
    Continuing our previous panel discussion Moderator: What is God? Kojève: God is the idea of the infinite, discovered by those find themselves externally constrained by the will of their masters but in...
  • Is Social Media A Force For Good?
    29 Jun 2022 8 0
    As a longtime fan of Torah Scholar Avivah Zornberg, it was an honor to record this conversation with her. I hope it brings some joy and recognition to her other fans, and for those who wonder what her...
  • Bitcoin: A Philosophical Roundtable
    27 Jun 2022 9 1
    Continuing our previous panel discussion Moderator: What are your thoughts on Bitcoin? Strauss: If it succeeds in destroying the nation-state, we should expect lots of violence. If it does not, and be...
  • Transhumanism, Longevity Research, and Anti-Aging
    23 Jun 2022 15 0
    Continuing our previous panel discussion Moderator: Transhumanism, Longevity Research, and Anti-Aging are all the rage in Silicon Valley. Thoughts? Strauss: If I can extend my life and read more books...
  • The Cult of the Body
    21 Jun 2022 18 1
    Do you ever have philosophers’ voices in your head? Do you ever wonder what they would say about the latest issues of the day? I do, and so I thought that, from time to time, I would moderate fictive ...
  • Hide and Seek
    15 Jun 2022 12 2
    Thrilled to share my latest podcast conversation with Teresa Bejan, public intellectual, Oxford professor, and author of the acclaimed Mere Civility. I. Leo Strauss famously teaches in Persecution and...
  • Is AI Sentient?
    13 Jun 2022 9 2
    I don’t know, but am inclined to think “no,” if sentience involves anything like a sense of self-consciousness, interiority, care for the world, or existential motivation. But this is a question that ...
  • Ruth, Job, and the Problem of Suffering
    07 Jun 2022 25 0
    The Book of Ruth is the most intertextual book of the Bible. What does that mean? It means that word for word, line for line, it contains the greatest density of cross-references to other Biblical ver...
  • The Faith of The Philosophers
    03 Jun 2022 10 0
    If you’re a seeker, you presumably think you’ll find something on the other side of your search. On the other hand, if you’re a seeker you might think that the point is not to find something, but just...
  • The Reckless Mind: Loving Wisdom Too Much
    31 May 2022 16 0
    The Jewish term for idolatry is avodah zarah, which means strange worship. One can commit avodah zarah by worshipping alien or false gods, but one can also commit it by worshipping the one, true God i...
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