Who Gets the Bird?

Jonah Furman
Organized labor in the U.S.A.
Created 02 Sep 2020
  • The week in US unions, June 25-July 2nd, 2022
    04 Jul 2022 9 2
    STRIKES & NEGOTIATIONS The Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen, a Teamsters affiliate and one of a dozen and a half unions involved in national rail bargaining with the largest freight ca...
  • The week/month in US unions, June 18-25, 2022
    27 Jun 2022 9 0
    Hello, after an unplanned (but not unpredictable) hiatus! The Labor Notes Conference was a huge success, but sadly the weekly newsletter had to fall by the wayside for a few weeks. If you want to see ...
  • The past two weeks in US unions, May 7-21, 2022
    23 May 2022 16 2
    Another two-fer here, and thanks for your patience as always. As I’ve mentioned, most of my time these days is going into preparing for the largest-ever Labor Notes Conference (June 17-19 in Chicago)....
  • The past two weeks in US unions, April 23-May 7, 2022
    10 May 2022 16 0
    Thanks all for your patience as I took a week off (in part because the Labor Notes Conference is just weeks away, and between the thousands of attendees and hundreds of workshops, we’ve been quite bus...
  • The week in US unions, April 16-23, 2022
    25 Apr 2022 10 1
    For Convergence, I wrote about this very newsletter, a topic that may interest you as someone who is currently reading this newsletter. Check it out here. STRIKES & NEGOTIATIONS 5,000 nurses with inde...
  • The week in US unions, April 9-16, 2022
    17 Apr 2022 18 0
    This week, my coworker Luis Feliz Leon continues to bring the heat reporting on Amazon, first with a piece for Labor Notes on the second Staten Island warehouse vote, set to begin next week, and secon...
  • The week in US unions, April 2nd-9th, 2022
    13 Apr 2022 11 0
    STRIKES & NEGOTIATIONS K-12: After eight school days, the Sacramento K-12 strike by the local teachers union and SEIU Local 1021 is over. Among other things, the workers won 4% annual pay raises and i...
  • The week in US unions, March 26-April 2, 2022
    04 Apr 2022 18 1
    Amazon Labor Union. Amazon Labor Union!! The independent union is going to need massive public support and, among other things, is fundraising to take on Goliath. Donate here. STRIKES & NEGOTIATIONS T...
  • The week in US unions, March 19-26, 2022
    30 Mar 2022 15 0
    If you’re reading this newsletter, there’s like a 99% chance you would be the exact type of person who should come to this summer’s Labor Notes Conference, June 17-19 in Chicago. And if you’re coming ...
  • The past two weeks in US unions, March 5-19, 2022
    21 Mar 2022 11 0
    This one’s another two-fer, and because the double editions can get prohibitively long, plus personal commitments taking away some time I’d usually have for the newsletter, there are definitely things...
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