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Working from home? Working for yourself? Let's work it out together.
Created 11 Mar 2020
  • Exceptions to the rule
    26 Mar 2020 24 22
    Before we begin, I just realized this month is the three-year-anniversary of one of the greatest moments in working from home history, when a professor doing a live BBC interview was interrupted by hi...
  • My coworker refuses to wear pants
    20 Mar 2020 44 25
    Are you working at home with kids? Here’s something fun for a Friday afternoon. (This is an experiment to see how it will go over here. I’m borrowing it from a Facebook group. The person who posted it...
  • Good point, it could have been much worse
    19 Mar 2020 • 4 min read • 0 20
    Update: We’re all working from home now. Just before I sent this, I saw the news that the governor of New York has ordered almost all businesses to have at least 75 percent of their employees work fro...
  • Total isolation (and how to avoid it)
    16 Mar 2020 • 4 min read • 6 3
    Welcome to Understandably: Working From Home! This is a limited edition/limited run email. It will probably run a couple of times a week for a few weeks. (If there’s demand and I can manage it, I’ll d...
  • Working from home? Working for yourself? Let's work it out together.
    11 Mar 2020 • < 1 min read • 17 0
    Welcome to Working From Home. This is a limited run email newsletter (an experiment!), brought to you by the folks behind Understandably. It’s for people who are working for themselves, or working fro...
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