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What's Manifold?
26 Jan 2023 5 3
Manifold is taking the spotlight in NFT town, and we can’t ignore it anymore. If you have been following crypto art over the past few weeks, you probably have seen, minted, or released work through Ma...
🧐 In case you missed it...
22 Jan 2023 5
Hello all! I hope you had a fantastic weekend, and I would like to welcome the 115 new subscribers that joined last week! Here are 7 things worth sharing from the generative and crypto art world: Blin...
GRAILS Season III Predictions?
19 Jan 2023 2 9
Hello friends! Grails III by PROOF is underway… If you are like me, you probably have been spending some time researching who might be participating this time. Who are the artists behind the 20 GRAILS...
🧐 In case you missed it
17 Jan 2023 5 4
Hello amigos! Welcome to the 134 new members that subscribed over the past week! Here are 10 things worth sharing from the gen and crypto art world... Kaloh’s updates 1. This week, I shared 6 Reasons ...
6 Reasons Why ArtBlock's Friendship Bracelets are Pumping
15 Jan 2023 3 2
Today I would like to tackle a scorching topic in the generative art space. Friendship Bracelets from Art Blocks + Alexis André. Many wonder why they are so valuable and why there is such a high volum...

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