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Secret Agent Man: The Mysterious Charlie McGonigal
25 Jan 2023 22 7
Share A onetime colleague of accused FBI turncoat Charles McGonigal says the former top counterintelligence official was an “egotistical narcissist” who frequently “screamed at subordinates,” resented...
Updated: Putin’s Ukraine Folly Enables Kremlin Rivals
22 Jan 2023 29 2
Share AS WE NEAR the one-year anniversary of Russia’s all-out assault on Ukraine, the political fractures inside Russia are on public display—among the Moscow elite, the Wagner mercenary group, the in...
Rocky Road Ahead for House Intelligence Panel
16 Jan 2023 33
Share Former CIA Director Michael Hayden once cracked to me that the House Intelligence Committee was known around Langley as “the land of broken toys”—a well deserved sobriquet for its long record of...
The Perfect Spy Was a Cuban Agent
13 Jan 2023 27 2
Share SpyTalk Ana Belen Montes, the most effective and damaging spy for Cuba known to have penetrated U.S. intelligence, was a major warrior in the long nasty war between the United States and its com...
Some of Our Favorite Things for 2022
28 Dec 2022 13 3
Share JOURNALISM HAS ALWAYS BEEN a team sport. And from the get-go in August 2020 we‘ve been blessed with regular contributions from a top tier of reporting veterans and intelligence experts—people li...

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