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Created 12 Aug 2019

Variants 101!

25 Nov 2022 59 27
So! David Hunky Harper over at SKTCHD wrote a great piece about variant covers and the comic industry. Why is it a great piece? Because I’m in it, DUH. SKTCHD @sktchdcomic The usage of variants were a...


22 Nov 2022 75 22
THE JOURNEY ENDS! Our final installment of CHIPCLASS is here, dealing with scripting and (ugh) artists! Watch, enjoy, LEARN, and share far and wide! Making these has been the most fun I’ve had in fore...

Process & Processing

18 Nov 2022 52 18
This week I participated in LIBRARYCON LIVE which was a virtual event featuring a lot of cool panels and discussions about comics, graphic novels and genre fiction! It’s over now, but I don’t want you...

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