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Created 12 Aug 2019
  • Reign's End
    06 Apr 2022 1 0
    October 30, 2020 is the date I sent my first outline in for THE FEAR KING, the culmination of mine and Marco’s Wilson Fisk storyline. It was a smaller thing at the time, what people would call a “mini...
    01 Apr 2022 19 14
    Look, I know what you’re all here for. Everyone wants to know my take on “the slap” because I’m one of the entertainment industry’s preeminent thinkers. But you know what actually “slaps?” BATMAN: THE...
  • Blurbbin'
    30 Mar 2022 34 9
    I’ve been in this business for over forty years now, and in that time I’ve made a lot of “industry friends.” What’s the difference between a friend and an industry friend you might be wondering? Well,...
    25 Mar 2022 22 1
    New issue of KAPTARA starts … now! And just to keep you well-informed for THE BATTLE OF THE CENTURY, here’s a little primer on the new combatants, pulled from Kaptara Vol. 1! Kagan is my One True God!...
  • Image Founders and Bubble Butts
    23 Mar 2022 46 10
    Look, I don’t go on twitter much these days. When I do it’s like walking back into your old high school and forgetting that high school is LOUD and VERY DRAMATIC and you cover your ears instinctively ...
  • Public Knowledge
    17 Mar 2022 13 7
    The news is out! My substack series PUBLIC DOMAIN is going to be in print with Image Comics! lol “Batman writer” But for REAL this is very exciting! In June, issue one will hit shelves, and it’ll be a...
  • Am I The Stan
    16 Mar 2022 22 11
    Look, I’m not going to lie to you, I’m not going to beat around the bush here, I’ve got some books out this week. QUELLE SURPRISE YOU FUCKING HACK Wow when did YOU learn French?! Were you planning on ...
    11 Mar 2022 36 8
    I’ve known Andrew Wheeler for—oh god, twenty years? That can’t be right. Fuck!!! He’s an incredibly funny and smart human and it all comes through in his writing. I don’t want to SPOIL anything, but I...
  • Answers! To Questions!
    10 Mar 2022 32 21
    All right! As promised, I’m answering QUESTIONS from thoughtful readers (you)! Let’s get INTO IT!!!! What are some common mistakes that inexperienced (or just bad!) comic book writers make? -Evan Deci...
  • Devil's Reign Refrain
    08 Mar 2022 30 18
    Okay! You did it! You purchased WOMAN WITHOUT FEAR #3 last week and DIDN’T read it because of the SPOILERS for DEVIL’S REIGN #5 out THIS week! It’s a very easy process when you break it down like so: ...
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