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Zero HP Lovecraft
An increasing proportion of the industrial surplus is being absorbed by the task of masking bio-social deterioration
Created 23 Sep 2020
  • Marooned in the Deepest Darkness of the Ultimate Nightmare Abyss
    10 May 2022 33 24
    Part 1 It’s time for a difficult conversation about race in America. We used to hear this a lot It was a buzzphrase of the late Obama era, and of the early trump years. Y’all ain’t ready for that conv...
  • Marooned in the Deepest Darkness of the Ultimate Nightmare Abyss with Zero HP Lovecraft
    04 Apr 2022 34 9
    Hello my friends This is episode 2, on who we are and how we fight, Capitalism, Communism, and Managerialism A nation is a detour of nature to arrive at five or six great men- yes, and then to get aro...
  • Marooned in the Deepest Darkness of the Ultimate Nightmare Abyss with Zero HP Lovecraft
    16 Mar 2022 40 10
    This is episode one, on reading, writing, metaphysics, literacy, and elitism Having read so many of your original stories, I wanted to share my thought process for judging, and explain how I think abo...
  • Book Review: Sadly, Porn by The Last Psychiatrist
    23 Jan 2022 32 12
    The book is Sadly, Porn. Like you I have a fondness—a nostalgia—for the writings of The Last Psychiatrist (hereafter TLP). In fact, those who have been with me for a while know that my 2019 novella, G...
  • Landline Stories in a Smartphone World
    13 Jan 2022 • 20 min read • 23 4
    Previously featured in Asylum Magazine. Seraphim Rose and the Occult Stack In 1975, Hieromonk Seraphim Rose wrote a book called Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Future, where he identified a list of ...
  • The Good Race
    02 Sep 2021 • 13 min read • 29 5
    “The left can’t meme.” This statement is itself a meme, (a meme is vast, its superficial expression may indicate a host of secondary discourse: see for example the 4chan classic “Milhouse is not a mem...
  • Interviewed by @FlightAstral
    12 Nov 2020 21 2
    This interview was originally posted at AstralFlightSimulation. Many thanks to @FlightAstral for his thoughtful questions. Greetings Zero, I’m honored to have you as the first of what I hope to be man...
  • So You Want to Write Fiction With AI
    11 Oct 2020 32 10
    I. Last week, I had the opportunity to briefly try a tool that uses GPT-3 to assist writers. The intention behind this tool is that it will help you think in outside ways when you get stuck, and it wi...
  • Zero HP Lovecraft
    23 Sep 2020 • < 1 min read • 24 0
    Although I will continue to maintain my wordpress, I am migrating to substack in order to increase the availability of my work through redundancy. Future essays and stories will be published here, so ...
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